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A goal without a plan and accountability is only a dream.

We admire the small business owners that we work with! Those individuals who have taken the bold step to run their own business and pursue their passion. They are the backbone of local economies and communities.

What we often see, is that these business heroes are some of the best at what they do - Builders, Pub Landlords, Drone Pilots, and so on. They know their trade like the back of their hands, but they can suffer from being workaholics. They struggle finding the time to write a 5 year plan, can experience imposter syndrome and can find it hard to pick out the important information when it comes to their financial records.

This is where we come in. We aim to provide a different type of accountancy service, one where compliance is a given, something that operates super efficiently in the background and we instead focus on helping you achieve your personal goals. We help build a 'finance function' that provides you with the live key information you need to assess whether you are on track for achieving your goal of; doing the school run every day; upsizing the family home; buying an apartment in Spain... or whatever else that may be.

We provide the important advice and information you need to help navigate the terrain in front of you, giving you the confidence to make the right decisions so that these goals become realities.

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We're part of the B1G1 movement!

We're one of over 2500 businesses around the world on a mission to create a world full of giving. It’s not just a membership; it’s a commitment to become a Business for Good. Each time we provide certain services to our clients, something great happens in the world. As an example, for each tax return we submitted to HMRC last year, we gave 1 day of learning materials to a vocational student in need.

By being a client of Hawkins Priday, you are automatically supporting this movement and contributing to good causes.

All giving through B1G1 contributes to one or more of the 17 global 'Sustainable Development Goals'. For more information about the goals or the B1G1 movement please visit

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We provide completely tailored services for every one of our clients - Our initial meeting allows us to introduce ourselves, explain how we operate and to understand your requirements in more detail. This way we can then build your own instant proposal document during the meeting, which will include your tailored services and fees. We will also clearly set out what the next steps are going to be for getting your services up and running.

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